Julia and her own private Idaho. (hint - it's a coworks!)

Julia and Andrew had decided that she would not go back to full time work after their first child was born. Julia gave birth to a lovely baby girl and embarked on the journey of parenthood. Life was great, but she soon started to miss out on projects and meeting new people. However, she knew going in for an office job meant fixed timings, long hours and commuting. In order to fulfill her child’s requirements as well as keep her creative juices flowing, she took up freelancing.  However, working from home was not a realistic option since her daughter would not let her have a free moment. She knew she had to get out of the house. Her work was not yet remunerative enough to justify renting large or even small office space. That’s when she learned about coworking. Soon she found a coworking work splace in New Jersey. It was conveniently located thus her commute was reasonable. The facilities were excellent with work stations having good lighting and comfortable seating and high speed internet connections for working in the virtual space. It offered all the convenience of an office space without the high price tags. Her coworkers who shared the space with her were a mixed lot, working flexible timings and different projects – even multiple projects at any time. She really liked getting to know them because their group discussions led to personal breakthroughs helping her grow her business.

It was a year since Julia started working at Square One Coworks. It was a lovely place where she made some good friends and connections. It was a place where she could be a professional and not think about being a parent for the few hours while she was working. In fact, she was able to generate more work leads there then sitting at home. She could conduct meetings with her clients in the small conference room. This was perfect.

Julia continues to enjoy working from the coworks and is happy she found this little jewel. Onward Julia!